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#001 In The Series Of CD's For Self-Improvement

“Creating Energy” is the first in a series of recordings that will help you focus on changing your thoughts about you body so that you can create the perfect body that you desire.  Some experts say that if you focus on losing weight your unconscious mind will look for ways to find it.

What I tell people is that I am teaching them something about health.  The side effect is that your weight changes.  You can create permanent habits that add years and quality to your life naturally.  Permanent changes comes through understand the natural rhythms of the body so your digestive system works properly.   Digesting your food is key to every function of your body.

Some people believe just putting something in your mouth means that it will digest, which can be far from the truth.  When your food is digesting efficiently you have more energy.  Having more energy makes it easier to exercise and stick to simple suggestions for success.

“Creating Energy” combines a binaural tone for relaxation and hypnosis to help you focus your mind on your goals.  Any time you are making changes it is important to be patient with yourself.  It is like learning to walk for the first time.  As these changes become a habit they are easier to stick to and become a part of your healthy lifestyle.  Breathing properly combined with all the layered techniques helps you reach the optimal state to change old habits into new ones that keep you focused.  Enjoy your session.


In 1979 I started learning hypnosis techniques to help people transform obstacles into empowering techniques for change.  Having helped thousands of people make significant changes in their life it is time for the next step, bringing this opportunity to a wider group of people.  I have always loved helping people because it brings me a sense of satisfaction helping people overcome negative thought patterns.  With my training in Natural Health Counseling, Hypnosis and other forms of natural healing, I am putting together programs that will help you make dynamic changes in your life.

The goal is to help people stop sabotaging themselves mentally and physically.  Most of our training on how to eat and what to think all came at a very young age.  When you are in a deep state of relaxation the suggestions on these CD's will open you up to new possibilities.  New ways of looking at life's experiences to create a more positive outlook on life.  Everything it about change.  You too can absorb this information while in a deep state of relaxation.  When in a deep relaxed state you are more open to creating the motivation necessary to self-empower and uncover the potential for success that lies deep within each of us.

The relaxing sounds of nature and a subliminal binaural tone in the background are designed to help you open up to positive suggestion.  When two different frequencies are put into each ear it allows a 3rd frequency to be created by your brain, a Binaural Tone.  This tone is matched to the brainwave patterns that promote relaxation.

The first pattern used is the Alpha Brainwave.  Alpha, when we are in a state of physical and mental relaxation, although aware of what is happening around us, its frequency are around 7 to 13 pulses per second.  Secondly, Theta, more or less 4 to 7 pulses, it is a state of somnolence with reduced consciousness.  And lastly, Delta, when there is unconsciousness, deep sleep or catalepsy, emitting between 0.1 and 4 cycles per second.

These recordings start in Alpha and slowly slide to Delta brainwave patterns over a prescribed time and settle in at Delta waves for the duration of these 30 minute recordings.  This helps you go into a deeper state of relaxation which helps you to be more open to the suggestions on the recording.  You are worth it.


Ron has a pleasant speaking voice that is well suited for hypnosis. Here is a one minute sample of what you get from Ron. But keep in mind this sound clip is only an MP3 which is compressed audio and does not have the full high-fidelity of CD-Quality Audio (44,100 Khz. - 16-bit - Stereo) in the way this recording was produced. Press Play

1 Min. Sample


It is highly recommended that you DO NOT listen to these CD's while driving or operating machinery.  It IS recommended you find a quiet and comfortable place to recline.  And for the best results use headphones.


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