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Healing is something that is personal and unique for each individual. It can be physical, emotional or spiritual. Sometimes it can even be painful. In order to truly heal it is important to get to the source of where and what is creating the imbalances in the body. When given the right tools everything is possible. At the Positive Living Center I do what I can for people that are open and willing to go through the processes to help people heal instead of just cover-up the symptoms like many people have been taught to do by the medical business. There is not one magic pill in the true art of healing. Everyone is unique and you are treated that way.

The medical business imagines there is a perfect pill just for you, however all those methods only allow your health to continue down a bumpy road to early catastrophe. The body knows how to heal itself when given the proper building blocks. Whatever happens you will always improve the state of being………..and any suggestions will never harm you.

Some people like to resist healing because it takes commitment on their part to change. I know this from my own personal experiences. A real Doctor teaches you how to do that and then you follow the advice and return yourself back to health in a way your body intended. A Physician will give you their magic potion so you don’t have to be responsible and only covers up symptoms, while ignoring the cause.

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